Watch: Hot Singles Pop Up Appears in Magic: The Gathering Mythic Invitational Livestream

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The 2020 Magic: The Gathering Mythic Invitational kicked off on Thursday, and fans have watched the first featured matches of the tournament live at While viewers are enjoying some of the most exciting Historic best-of-three matches played on Magic: The Gathering Arena, one particular match showed something unexpected and not so family-friendly.

During the Seth Manfield vs. Theo Moutier Round 4 game, a hot singles pop up appeared at the bottom right of Manfield's stream, and you can watch the clip here.

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Credit: WOTC

Since the Mythic Invitational is being organized remotely with players' livestreams, the spectators are able to see whatever pops up in their screens unless they just set it to Game Capture. This is why MTG Arena needs a spectator mode to avoid distracting popups like this one.

The 2020 Mythic Invitational takes place at 11 am CT on September 10 to 13.

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