09 Jan 2019 11:08 AM +00:00 UTC

Watch Honest Trailer for Unbreakable Before Catching Glass

M. Night Shyamalan caught everyone by surprise when he revealed that Split was a sequel to Unbreakable, and now later this month will see the release of Glass. To keep everyone up to snuff, Screen Junkies has released a new honest trailer for the first installment in the franchise, Unbreakable.

You liked Split, and after someone explained why Bruce Willis was in it, you keep meaning to check out Unbreakable, the atmospheric, thinking man’s comic book film that M. Night kept insisting would be a trilogy—then that kept not happening; which in hindsight was a really good thing, because he had a lot of crap to get out of his system first.


When the movie first came out, a lot of people had been praising it as some of the best work to come from Shyamalan, but ever since the slew of crappy films that came out afterward, everyone was starting to see some kind of pattern. At some point, it got so bad that people were surprised that Split wasn’t so terrible.

If I’m being honest, I’m not so keen for the release of Glass either. I’m just waiting for Shyamalan to pump out some more good films before I can start getting excited about his work again. Then again, the character of Mr. Glass is so fun, and I’m willing to see just how much he’s grown since the last film.

Catch Glass when it hits theaters Jan. 18.

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