Watch Hodor vs. Groot in This Ridiculous Rap Battle

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Game of Thrones' coolest sidekick Hodor has faced Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot in a ridiculous rap battle so close, fans would have a hard time to determine who actually won it. Warp Zone created this entertaining video that probably took them a lot of time to write.  Who needs clever rhymes and witty metaphors when spitting their names alone produce deep meanings? Here's a fun fact:  If viewers want to see what Hodor and Groot really said, they can change the subtitles/CC option under the little gear icon on the media player to “English (United States) Translation Lyrics. Thanks to Brian Fisher (Groot in this video) for pointing this out. We also see a lousy Bran Stark and a female Rocket Raccoon in the background. So who do you think won?