Watch Grant Imahara Build a Custom Animatronic Baby Yoda


Besides co-hosting Mythbusters, Grant Imahara was known for his engineer work, and during his days on ILM, he had worked on movies like Jurassic Park, Terminator, and of course, Star Wars. Though his ILM days may have been done, back in March, Imahara had released a video of him and a team collaborating to build an animatronic Baby Yoda.

Check it out:





While Hasbro is already selling their own consumer-friendly version of the Mandalorian favorite, Imahara’s version is way more complicated, being able to convey different moods and emotions. It was said that Imahara had planned to bring the animatronic to children’s hospitals where young kids could interact with it. He had said about the project, “Baby Yoda is universally cute, hands down. In the few public outings we’ve had, everyone melts. He’s a happiness maker. Everything about him is designed to trigger the human nurturing instincts.”

It truly is sad that Imahara would be gone so soon, and so suddenly. Besides building his Baby Yoda, he had worked on the Star Wars prequels and had helped build the scale models that were used for ships and buildings. He was also one of the technicians responsible for updating the R2-D2 robot.

Granted, Imahara may be gone too soon, but he has touched a lot of lives. Not only has he helped bring us universally loved movies, but he has also helped inspire many people in the pursuit of science and engineering. He’ll truly be missed.

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