08 Jan 2019 4:01 PM +00:00 UTC

WATCH: Doctor Strange's Plan to Defeat Thanos Dissected

Avengers: Endgame is arguably the biggest movie coming out in 2019, with many of us seeing it as a culmination of everything Marvel has done thus far. As we get ready for the finale, many fans have been thinking back to Infinity War and wondering what exactly was Doctor Strange’s plan to beat Thanos and why he gave him the Time Stone. He did see a future where they won so making them lose first must have been a part of said plan (even though they almost had the gauntlet at one point).

New Rockstars released a video that discusses Strange’s plan in detail, bringing up how Strange needed Stark to survive, even though he was willing to let him die for the stone at one point. The video also brings up how Nebula is important since she is the only person left with Stark after the snap.


It also discusses how heroes like Ant-Man and Captain Marvel are important to the overall defeat of Thanos, the former for supplying quantum energy to time travel and the latter for power to take on the Mad Titan. The original Avengers are also a big part of this since they survived the snap.

The theory also states that Strange casts a spell on the Time Stone, which might bring them to the future at one point. That’s going to be one of the more interesting aspects of the film if it does come true. Here is hoping we get a Young Avengers cameo.

Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26.

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