09 Jun 2019 5:46 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Breakdown of Fox's Original Plans for their Marvel Characters


X-Men: Dark Phoenix is finally here, and it clumsily closes the final chapter in Fox’s main X-Men timeline. As it turns out, the studio had a lot more plans to expand on their universe, and Mr. Sunday Movies from Youtube gives us a breakdown on what might have been if Disney hadn’t ended up owning Fox.

Before there was even news that Disney was planning to buy the studio out, we were getting news of other spinoffs for the property. New Mutants is definitely one of the more unique properties that were being tried out. Another would have been a story focused on Multiple Man starring James Franco, and a superhero love story with Gambit starring Channing Tatum.


What’s interesting is, there were also plans for an Avengers-type team-up which would have included the likes of the Fantastic Four clashing with the X-Men (with Daredevil included for some reason). What’s more, the story would have lifted right off of Civil War, with opposing factions fighting over superhero registration.

For now, some people are glad that Fox stumbled with their franchise; if not, we may have not gotten all the characters back for the MCU. While it looks like Marvel wants to salvage Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, I’m all up for a reboot of the characters, fixing the timeline, and incorporating mutants into the larger Marvel cinematic universe.

While I consider First Class to be the last goodX-Men movie, you can catch X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theaters now.

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