Watch: Blue’s Clues & You Brings Back Original Hosts Steve and Joe!

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Nick Jr. may have closed the doors for Blue's Clues back in 2007, but they're set to reboot it with Blue's Clues & You this year. What's interesting is, Nick got to bring back original hosts Steve and Joe to introduce us to Blue's new owner, Josh.

Check it out:

Fans of the classic show ‘Blue's Clues' featuring Steve and Joe can get excited that a new generation of kids can now play games, sing, dance, and skidoo with Blue and her playful pal, Josh! Check out Blue's Clues & You!, the all new series coming this November to Nickelodeon!

If you grew up in the 90s, there's a big chance that you ended up watching Blue's Clues. While the 60s and 70s got to visit Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Sesame Street, Millennials got to go around with Steve (or Joe) looking for clues that Blue has left behind; that is if they're not going on adventures with Dora.

It's actually cool that they managed to give us an update on the Blue's Clues ‘canon,' seeing as the parents of the kids who'll watch Blue's Clues & You likely grew up watching the original show. I don't know how Joe ended up wrapping presents for a living, but Steve being a detective is perfectly fitting for his character.

This is also just me, but I got surprisingly nostalgic after Steve asked to talk to his friend, and he starts addressing the audience.

Catch Blue's Clues & You when it comes out on Nick Jr. this November.

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