Watch: A Closer Look at the Props from The Rise of Skywalker

Credit: YOutube/The Star Wars Show

Credit: YOutube/The Star Wars Show


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has just come out on Blu-Ray/DVD and Lucasfilm is set to promote the release with a lot of special videos online. Thanks to The Star Wars Show, we actually get a good look at the props of the film, and we find out some neat details from Archivist Madlyn Burkert.

Check it out:



Among the stuff we get a look at are the Yavin medal, the Sith wayfinder, Dark Rey’s lightsaber, as well as Leia’s lightsaber. While the Wayfinder was just a McGuffin for the film, it actually has a lot of great detail, even a slick Sith logo at the bottom. What’s interesting is that the prop used in the film actually stored liquid, so it would have that more ‘eerie’ look to it.

Personally, I’m still not a fan of “Jedi Leia”, but I’m learning to appreciate the design work that went behind her lightsaber. It looks like a perfect match when you put it beside the Skywalker lightsaber, but at the same time it has a more ‘elegant’ feel on its own. Also, this is just a small detail, but Dark Rey’s lightsaber actually has a part that comes from Vader’s own saber, and it’s a pretty neat detail.

While I do like to bash on TROS, there’s no doubt that a lot of love went into the props department, just like they always do with every other Star Wars film. Though it will be a while before the next movie comes in the box office, I hope the Disney+ shows will have this amount of detail when it comes to production value.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now available for home video.

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