16 Mar 2017 2:20 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: 10 Star Wars Theories That Actually Make Sense

Over the years, we've seen a plethora of Star Wars theories that fascinate the fans who care about knowing the whole truths in the saga. Some of them were already debunked, some are just ridiculous while some theories actually make a lot of sense even if we'll probably never find out if they're actually true. Screen Rant decided to list 10 theories that are well-supposed, and yes, that even includes the famous Jar Jar is a Sith theory that at first I thought was ridiculous but the supporting details about his character actually make it sound so credible. They compiled some interesting theories I've never heard about here such as the theory that the rebels killed trillions or the possiblity that the ewoks ate the stormtroopers. It's amusing to think about them because they might true but we'll never know.

Watch the video below: 

They include: 


Chewbacca The Rebel Spy | 00:27

Luke Was The Emperor's True Apprentice | 01:10

The Ewoks Ate the Stormtroopers | 01:49

Darth Jar Jar | 02:29

Boba Fett Killed Luke's Family | 02:59

Padme Never Loved Anakin | 03:40

Han Solo Is A Force User | 04:12


Rey is a Kenobi Not A Skywalker | 04:48

The Jedi Weren't the Heroes | 05:37

The Rebels Killed Trillions | 06:13