WarnerMedia Sounds Off on Potential The Batman Delay Amid COVID Concern

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

There's no denying that Batman has always been one of the most popular comic book characters on the face of the planet but 2022 will undoubtedly mark a major resurgence for the character with the release of Matt Reeves' The Batman. The film, originally intended to be a prequel project for Ben Affleck's version of the caped crusader fell victim to unfortunate circumstances brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the project has been delayed twice due to concerns over the growing COVID cases.

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Credit: WB

Now, with the recent surge of the Omicron variant, some people are under the impression that the Robert Pattinson-led flick will once again be forced to move its premiere date. But before you get all hysterical, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar pretty much confirmed that The Batman will retain its March release date, despite the new COVID threat.

In a recent interview with Puck News, Kilar reassured the DC fandom that The Batman's March 4 play date is still on the table. He shared: "We're certainly paying attention to everything going on with Omicron. We feel good about the date right now. We're gonna watch it day by day."

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The Batman is getting a ton of hype ahead of its release less than two months from now and while the Omicron strain of the COVID-19 virus is worrying some folks, it's obviously not enough to faze the Dark Knight himself. Of course, the latest variant will most likely affect the fans' decision whether or not to see the film in cinemas so it would be safe to assume that WB and DC Films still have a Plan B up their sleeves in case things go south.

The Batman will be released exclusively in cinemas on March 4, 2022.

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