23 Mar 2020 4:55 PM +00:00 UTC

Warner Brothers Reportedly Releasing Wonder Woman 1984 Straight to Digital

COVID-19 has certainly had a major impact on the entertainment industry. Not only has the novel coronavirus pandemic forced studios to shut down the production of movies and television series like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but it has also delayed the release of highly anticipated Hollywood movies like Mulan, No Time to Die, The New Mutants, and of course, Black Widow.

The delayed release of these films has gotten fans wondering whether films slated for release later this year would be affected as well. That includes Wonder Woman 1984, a DC Extended Universe movie set for release on June 5.

While it's too soon to know whether or not COVID-19 might delay the release of a film slated for a June release, a new report by The Wrap suggests that Warner Brothers may be thinking of giving the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel a digital release instead.


According to the report by the entertainment news outlet, Warner Brothers chairman Toby Emmerich has been confiding with his top advisers about giving Wonder Woman 1984 a straight to digital release so that it wouldn't be affected by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

While some are hoping that the pandemic might die down by the time summer arrives, we can't be entirely sure how long the COVID-19 crisis might last. Perhaps Warner Brothers is thinking of all of its options if the outbreak lasts longer than everyone expects it too.

A straight to digital release wouldn't do so well for DC though. Wonder Woman was a major hit for the DCEU, and everyone's expecting the second film to do well at the box office too. Let's wait and see how COVID-19 might affect the film's release.

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