Warner Bros. to Reportedly Pursue Christian Bale If Talks with Michael Keaton Fall Through

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

Last week, it was revealed that actor Michael Keaton was in talks to return as Batman in The Flash movie. However, this deal is on its early stage, making it likely that nothing is set in stone just yet. If talks fall through with Keaton, word is another familiar face would return to don the cowl.

According to DCEU Mythic, talks between Keaton and DC are still in place. However, should the deal with the actor fall through, WB would still want an elder mentor Batman to emerge from Flashpoint, with the studio's attempt to put Christian Bale as their backup plan.

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Credit: WB

The outlet claims Bale's Batman would return as an older version from a different universe, taking over the mentor role in the Flash movie, as well as in multiple DCEU movies that'll follow. Since talks with Keaton are still early, there's always the possibility that he wouldn't go through with it.

Although, for those who were expecting Ben Affleck to return instead, the outlet says the studio has no plans on approaching the actor to return; pointing out that the actor is past his comic book roles.

Whether it'll be Keaton or Bale, one thing seems to be clear - a young Batman wouldn't be featured in the upcoming Flashpoint movie. The studio seems to be looking for a mentor figure that'll eventually be brought to other DC movies as well, much like Nick Fury's role in the MCU. Be it either of the two, fans are surely looking forward to what's to come in The Flash movie.

The Flash is expected to arrive on June 3, 2022.

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