Warner Bros. Rumored to Reboot Justice League with DC Rebirth Movie

It was kind of a miracle when HBO Max announced that the Snyder Cut of Justice League would be coming to the streaming service, officially branded as Zack Snyder's Justice League. While the rest of the DCEU isn't expected to follow this movie's continuity, everyone is happy about actually seeing this movie, which could end up being a fun watch. As for the DCEU, it looks like Warner Bros. is planning to reboot the cinematic universe and they're supposedly doing that with the Rebirth name.

DC fans know that Rebirth means a lot since that essentially mixed the New 52 with classic elements from DC. This made a lot of fans happy, bringing back the original Wally West and teasing big things for Doctor Manhattan with Doomsday Clock, though delays and other stories ended up hampering both of those things. Still, Rebirth was a positive step for DC Comics and is an appropriate title for a Justice League reboot.

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Credit: DC Comics

The report comes from DCEU Mythic, though no other major developments were revealed aside from this news. No creatives were named for the movie so it will be interesting to see who they end up choosing for this project. We definitely want to see a proper canon Justice League movie since the upcoming Snyder Cut will likely just be a one-off to pop fans and nothing more.

Zack Snyder's Justice League will be coming to HBO Max sometime next year, with no clear release date revealed yet. Don't expect to see the DC Rebirth movie anytime soon since this is just a rumor. Hopefully, we do get something like this coming out soon, though I wouldn't be too surprised if they moved some of these ideas to Ezra Miller's Flashpoint.

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