Warner Bros. Montreal Will Announce Their New Batman Game in DC's Fandome

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It looks like news about that long-rumored Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal is going to get announced in the DC Fandome event. While it hasn't been revealed as a Batman: Arkham game just yet, Fandome did confirm that there is going to be a video game announcement from Warner Bros. Montreal so if it's not going to be a game featuring The Caped Crusader, the new game will at least be set in the DC Universe.

Let's be honest though, we all know this is going to be a new Batman game right?

Fandomeconfirmed that the Warner Bros. Montreal DC game will happen on Aug. 22 at 1:30pm so we're excited to see what they have planned. Rumors have said that this is going to be a Batman: Arkham game with The Court of Owls as the villains and some developers even teased this by wearing a shirt featuring the infamous group.

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Credit: Warner Bros. Montreal/DC

The last time Warner Bros. Montreal worked on a Batman game, we got the underrated Batman: Arkham Origins. While not considered the best game of this acclaimed series, fans were still entertained by the combat, story, and characterization for these iconic heroes and villains. It also had some excellent boss fights, all of which were better than the ones in Arkham City.

Expect this new Batman: Arkham game to get announced during DC's Fandome, alongside Suicide Squad by Rocksteady.

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