10 Jan 2020 10:01 AM +00:00 UTC

Warner Bros. Montreal Releases Teaser Image for New Batman: Arkham Game

It looks like Warner Bros. Montreal is finally going to reveal details on their new Batman: Arkham game, a new title we've been waiting literal years for. Montreal released a new website with only one teaser image, while the site's upper bar says "Chase the Knight," which is clearly a reference to DC's most popular superhero. This is interesting stuff and we're all hoping to see more of the game soon, probably at E3 or some other event.

While we aren't sure what the emblem they're teasing means, most of us have assumed that this will be a Court of Owls-themed Batman: Arkham game. After all, one of the developers teased us with a Court of Owls shirt so it's clear that this group of villains will be one of the main focuses for this video game. This will actually be their debut in a video game and many of us are excited to see them in action.

The group was introduced during the start of Scott Snyder's Batman run back in 2011, where they proceeded to haunt Batman for 11 issues and an annual. Comprised of revived corpses and Bruce Wayne's supposed brother, the Court of Owls haven't been as prevalent in recent years, though they were the focus of Batman Eternal and are currently pulling the strings in the current Nightwing arc.

As of this writing, there is no release date for the new Batman game, nor are there any images or gameplay footage. Let's hope more comes soon since it's likely that this will be a next-gen title for PS5 and Xbox Series X. That, or the game will be the last hurrah for this generation of consoles.

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