Warner Bros. to Hold Funeral Screening for Batgirl

The cancellation of Batgirl earlier this month was met with a lot of disappointment from fans and, most especially, the cast and crew who worked on the film. A lot of fans are hoping that the film will still see the light of day at some point similar to the Snyder Cut, but it still remains to be unlikely at this point.

However, the cast and crew of the film will get to have an opportunity to see the film one last time as The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Warner Bros. is holding a secret "funeral screenings" of Batgirl this week in the studio lot before the footage gets locked away in a vault.

For the past few weeks, there have been questions about whether the film will receive a "Snyder Cut" treatment at some point in the future although considering that it will be taking a tax-write down, it looks like the studio will not have any plans to release it anytime soon.

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The report also indicated that the studio might make a drastic move of actually destroying the footage of the film as a way to prove to the IRS that they won't be making any revenue from the project and should be entitled to the full write-down. However, it's been disputed by other sources since there are other unreleased projects that were also simply locked away in the vault for good.

There is also the fact that the directors revealed recently that the VFX work for the film is not complete and there are additional scenes that needed to be shot which would mean that it would require more spending in order to actually finish the film based on their vision.

While it is unfortunate that the film will not have any chance of releasing anytime soon, it is great to hear that the studio will hold a funeral screening for the people involved so that they can get closure and have the last chance to see all the hard work that they did before it gets locked in the vault for the foreseeable future.

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