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Warner Bros Fires Back at Village Roadshow on The Matrix Resurrections Lawsuit

There is little doubt that Warner Bros. is facing a major lawsuit over the digital release of The Matrix Resurrections. However, it looks like the studio isn't backing down. Warner Bros. has just issued a statement in response to Village Roadshow Entertainment Group's claims that the sequel's HBO Max release made the movie fail at the box office!

Last week, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court which purports that releasing The Matrix Resurrections in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously was a breach of contract on Warner Bros. Pictures' part. Now the studio has addressed the issue and somehow puts the blame on Village Roadshow.

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"Village’s actions have been duplicitous and this dispute is equally contrived. Village was happy to have their name on the credits of the film, traveled to the world premiere in San Francisco, and held themselves out to the media as producers on the film. But they have now reneged on their contractual obligation to pay their share of the cost of the film," the statement reads (via Deadline).

It further explains that all studios agreed with Warner Bros.' scheme during the pandemic. "The only exception was Village, which refused to honor its commitment to pay their share of production costs, rejecting the opportunity we offered to de-risk them from any financial underperformance," the statement adds.

"Instead, Village wanted to enjoy the benefit of publicly holding themselves out as co-owners and producers while preserving a 'free look' at the ultimate outcome of the film performance without any financial investment on their part," it states.

Village Roadshow and Warner Bros. have a long working relationship. However, it is evident that the relationship has gone sour since WarnerMedia changed management.

The Matrix Resurrections was released in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day back in December.

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