Warner Bros. Confirms Dune Trailer Release Date

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After some reports and a trailer leak, Warner Bros. has officially told fans to mark their calendars as the Dune Trailer will finally be shown to the online public on September 9. This comes off the heels of the previous speculation that ended up true so it's good to see Warner Bros. finally tell everyone in advance to get ready for this movie. Shame that it will be coming to movie theaters due to a pandemic but what can you do?

Warner Bros. confirmed the news to ComicBook.com so that's as official as things can get right now. Of course, those who are planning to risk their lives and watch Tenet during the pandemic will also get an early look at the trailer. We're sure that these movies "deserve" to be shown on the big screen but one can't help but be scared during these unsure times.

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Credit: Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures

Dune is looking like it will be a great all-star movie though, especially with Director Denis Villeneuve involved. Timothy Chalamat has also proven his excellence and having actors like Zendaya, Jason Momoa, and Dave Bautista, among others, should be a worthwhile ride. It just sucks that things are like this right now but we can only hope they get better sooner or later.

If things go off without much issue, Dune will be coming out this December. We doubt that anyone should watch it based on the current pandemic but if you are, please be careful. Wear a mask and face-shield if needed.

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