WandaVision Trailer Garners Avengers-Like Views Within 24 Hours

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Credit: Disney+

WandaVision is already proving to be an Avengers-caliber project and is currently shattering records. The Disney+ series' trailer, which debuted at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards has reportedly garnered massive social media traffic within 24 hours following its release. Wow!

That's according to a report from Deadline. The entertainment news site was told by social media monitor RelishMix about the astonishing feat. According to them, WandaVision's trailer was able to get 53 million views online which is believed to be the highest 24-hour draw for any streaming service's ad spot. It also makes it on par with Avengers: Infinity War's Super Bowl ad from a couple of years back.


As of writing, the trailer is still part of YouTube's trending videos at the #28 spot. It was also able to generate over 300 thousand mentions and counting all across social media, proving that fans are already invested in the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany project although it's yet to hit Disney's streaming service. And let's not kid ourselves, that trailer alone was enough to get any Marvel fan excited for what's to come.

The show's exact release date hasn't been confirmed yet, but expect WandaVision to hit Disney+ before the year ends!

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