04 Jul 2018 7:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Viral Canadian Robbery Fail Gets a Hilarious Metal Gear Solid Re-Edit

A ridiculous video of a robbery in Canada has recently been making the rounds on the internet, and like everything else, the internet has found a way to make it even more hilarious.Omar Villegas on Twitter has taken the video and added some hilarious edits from the cult game Metal Gear Solid.

Just a quick rundown of the video: it looks like a couple decided to rob a convenience store but was suddenly stopped by a cop with a taser. The man and the woman seem to be working together, and while the cop was preoccupied with the man, the woman had decided to pass through the back and ‘escape’ through the air vents. Too bad for her since she immediately fell through the ceiling, then she was arrested by more officials who arrived.


I thought it was funny enough that Villegas used the music and sound effects from the original MGS game, but he even went so far as to add the bits where Snake is crawling through an air vent as well as the ‘Game Over’ sequence when the woman was apprehended.

We don’t know where this couple is now, but this ridiculous video of them sure is one hell of a meme.

Here’s the video without the MGS edit:

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