Venom Writer Teases This Ultimate Symbiote Could Become Canon

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There have already been several symbiotes introduced in the Marvel Universe, but there are still some who are yet to be official canon. One of the symbiotes teased back in 1993 certainly puts the more known ones such as Venom and Carnage to shame, and it seems there's a possibility for this Spider-Man villain to be canon.

Taking to Twitter, a fan asked writer Donny Cates about the possibility of bringing Bile to life. Making his first appearance in a Marvel Year-in-Review back in 1993, Bile is a "cannibalistic madman with the proportionate strength and grotesque eating habits of a spider." While Cates didn't confirm anything yet, the writer revealed that he has been thinking about this idea since he was young, so it's safe to assume that it's likely for Bile to become canon. You can check out his response below!

Cates, who is known for his work in Venom,Redneck, and more, has been introducing new characters into the mix as of late. Based on the writer's comment, the chances of Bile making his official debut is very likely and Cates' optimistic about it too. So for the ones who have been looking out for this character for a while now, there could be a chance they'll see Bile finally come to life.


That said, while some of these "fake" characters that were teased in Year-in-Review pieces have appeared in the Marvel Comics pages before, there is also a chance that they'd be different from what was initially introduced or expected once they become official.

Would you like Bile to be officially canon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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