Venom Trends on Social Media After Mysterious Black Goo is Found

Venom is trending on social media and not because Venom 2is coming out this year, assuming that COVID-19 subsides by then. People have found a weird black substance somewhere and it has been trending on social media, with various fans comparing the goo to Venom's symbiote. If anything else, this could be really great press for the upcoming sequel since it will get people talking.

There's also a chance that this is secretly Venom 2 advertising but that's just this writer putting on his aluminum foil hat. Then again, studios have done weirder things to advertise their products but that's another story for another day.

Honestly, it's hard not to compare the goo to Venom since the imagery of black goo is just so ingrained with the character. While this substance hasn't possessed anyone and given them superpowers (yet), you can't blame anyone for seeing the similarities. If this ends up being a big publicity stunt from Sony, it will be a very fun one, at the very least.

We're all excited for Venom 2, whether it's due to Tom Hardy returning as the Marvel anti-hero, the live-action debut of Carnage, or Andy Serkis' first foray into the superhero genre. Though the first film was filled with flaws, it made a ton of money and had a number of moments that were either redeeming or memorable enough that people didn't regret spending on their tickets.

Venom 2 is still slated for an October 2020 release, assuming that COVID-19 doesn't ruin things. Morbius was already delayed due to the epidemic so here's hoping that things settle down by October.

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