Venom: Tom Hardy Commemorates 2 Weeks Of Production

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Though a lot of fans may be against it, Sony is moving forward with their Venom film set outside the MCU, and production is currently underway. Tom Hardy is attached to play the lead in the form of Eddie Brock, and he commemorates having worked two weeks into the production.

Check out his post:


For now, we still don't know what Brock will look like in the film, but Hardy's look in the photo could very much give us the clue. I think it's a fat chance that Eddie is going to be covered in tattoos as well, but that hairstyle could pretty much confirm that Hardy's version of Brock is not blonde.

As far as story goes, we only have a few details that have been leaked and have yet to be confirmed. It's been said that the movie will follow the Ultimate origin of the character, in a sense that the symbiote will not come from space, but will be an artificially engineered biosuit made to cure diseases. It's also been said that the main villain for this film will be Carnage, and it's likely that he'll be played by Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed.

If this movie does turn up good, I hope that Sony and Marvel will reach some new deal and allow Brock's character in the MCU. Venom is a Spider-Man villain, and you can't just have a franchise going on without the two characters ever clashing. That's like making a Lex Luthor franchise and never having him face Superman.

Venom is set for a release on Oct. 5, 2018.

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