Venom Star Riz Ahmed Slams Hollywood's Toxic and Racist Portrayal of Muslims

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Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

I think we can all agree that it has somewhat become a force of habit within Hollywood to generally portray Muslims as bad guys and more often than not, they are presented in a negative light in both film and television and it has seemingly become the "norm" for a number of years now. Unsurprisingly, British actor Riz Ahmed is well aware of the issue and he wants to put a stop to Hollywood's horrible portrayal of Muslims.

Credit: Sony

Taking to social media, the Venom and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor aired his grievances over Hollywood's evident racism towards the Muslim community while announcing a new initiative to combat the "problem of Muslim misrepresentation" on screen. In a moving speech he uploaded on Twitter, Ahmed expressed his dismay over the matter and said that he's already fed up with Hollywood's way of portraying Muslim characters.

Ahmed's cause took Twitter by storm and after his video went viral, a lot of people lauded the actor for his bravery and his attempt at putting an end to arguably one of Hollywood's most vicious cycles. Check out the heartfelt video below:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Riz's testimony will be able to open a lot of eyes within the entertainment industry and let's be real here, Hollywood's problem with misrepresentations of race is a long-standing issue that not only needs to be addressed but a culture that is also in need of changing. Hopefully, the industry will take the initiative to change the way Muslims (and other races for that matter) are depicted on screen.

Meanwhile, Venom: Let There Be Carnage hits cinemas in September.

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