Venom Might Get Unrated Cut in The Future

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Venom is PG-13 and fans do not know how to feel about that. To be fair, movies don't always have to be Rated R to be good but Venom likes to eat people and it's hard to imagine a PG-13 movie pulling that off. While some fans are a bit disappointed with the move, they might be happy to know that an unrated cut isn't out of the picture.

Director Ruben Fleischer spoke with Fandango recently and was asked about a possible unrated cut coming out. Fleischer said he wouldn't rule that out but they'll have to see how the movie does and if there is a demand for it.

So yeah, if you want an R rated Venom movie you're going to have to endure the PG-13 version first. Using "endure" is a bit mean since we don't know if the movie will be bad and the trailers have suggested a fun time for fans of the anti-hero. Yeah, the film has some cringe-inducing lines but nothing movie-breaking yet.


To the film's credit, it does have a talented cast with Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Woody Harrelson and more. Hardy has been hyping the film up well and the fact that he provides the voice of the symbiote should ensure some fun encounters.

Venom comes to theaters on October 5.

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