Venom Director Possibly Not Returning for the Sequel

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Venom was a critical mess when it came out, but the movie managed to make a lot of money in the box office, prompting Sony to greenlight a sequel. Though a sequel is in the works though, it's possible that director Ruben Fleischer may not be onboard this time around.

According to Variety, Fleischer may not be able to take the helm of Venom 2 due to scheduling conflicts. As of now, Fleischer is set to come back to the helm of the Zombieland sequel, and it's his work on this film that could lead to him not being able to come back to Venom.

Of course, none of this is sure yet, and it's possible that Fleischer could still take the helm. Then again, I guess I would be fine with someone else giving their own spin to Sony's ‘Lethal Defender'. At best, the Venom film had left me conflicted. The plot was overly simple and childish, but the chemistry of Eddie Brock and the symbiote is entertaining to watch. Not to mention Venom looks absolutely fantastic when he comes to form.


We have yet to know when the Venom sequel will come out, but I imagine Sony wants it sooner rather than later. Despite a lot of pushback from critics, the film has managed to overperform upon release and was even given an extended run in China. It had to take the release of Aquaman to finally dethrone Venom from their box office.

No release date has been set for Venom 2.

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