Venom and Thor Writer Defends Marvel Characters Appearing in Fortnite

The collaboration between Marvel and Fortnite has garnered a mixed reaction since these two things are incredibly mainstream, so combining them is going to tick off plenty of people. While most people are simply seeing this as a business decision that will make their fans happy, there are those who are being overly negative about the crossover. Donny Cates, who writes Venom and Thor for Marvel Comics, decided to comment on the matter.

On Twitter, Cates addressed the people who don't like the Fortnite Nexus War event, pointing out how it's just supposed to be a fun event and pointing out how there are bigger problems going on right now. Some might call Cates biased since he wrote the Fortnite tie-in comics that show how Thor ends up in this place but he's not completely wrong here.

Fortnite is not for everyone since the game is an online-only multiplayer shooter that has attracted a number of annoying streamers/gamers. That being said, you don't have to be mean to others who like the game or those who are involved in it. Just play other games and be happy with them. Criticism is important but not when it's unnecessary or uninformed.

You can definitely criticize Fortnite for a number of things, like how it willingly defied Apple so that they would be removed from the App Store in order to release a carefully-planned plan to make Epic Games look like some kind of underdog. Once again, Apple isn't great for getting so much money from developers but it's not like Epic Games are a two-man studio, geez.

Fortnite is now available on any gaming system not made by Apple.

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