Here's How Vegeta's New God of Destruction Form Might Look Like in Dragon Ball Super Anime

When Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump and Viz Media released the latest Dragon Ball Super chapter earlier this week, fans were able to get their first look at Vegeta's new "God of Destruction" form. While we might have to wait a while before we see this new transformation in the anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou's popular manga series, fans all over the internet have shared their own versions and memes to show us Vegeta's new form with color.

God of Destruction Vegeta
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Credit: Shueisha

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, we saw Vegeta and Granolah's intense fight in planet Cereal, and on top of the small chatter about how Freeza is the common enemy and Granolah's lack of battle experience despite his newly-acquired power thanks to the Dragon Balls, we get to see them showcase their incredible powers, causing destruction in the planet and forcing Sugarians to panic.

While Granolah may seem like he has the upper-hand throughout the entire fight, Vegeta is able to put up a fight, and at the final pages of Chapter 74, we saw him transform into what appears to be a God of Destruction form. According to the Saiyan Prince, this is the result of his training with Beerus. Now, fans have created their own versions of how this new form will appear in color.

For example, check out this meme from DBZ Exclusives:

Vegeta god of Destruction - Dragon Ball Super
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Credit: DBZExclusives / Shueisha

The meme compares the look of other gods of destruction from the show, and puts that purple aura color in Vegeta's new form. With dark hair and no eyebrows, fans could say that looks accurate, but Toei Animation hasn't shown us Vegeta's new trasnformation yet. After all, the anime studio hasn't announced new Dragon Ball Super episodes yet, but based on the information we gathered, Season 2 might arrive soon enough.

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Over on Twitter, other creative fans have shared their colored versions of Vegeta's "God of Destruction" form. Check them out:

These fan artworks show how the fans are hyped about Vegeta's new form. "Vegeta" was trending on Twitter earlier this week, and fans are still talking about it. We have yet to see what Vegeta's new transformation could do. It's likely that we will see his insane new powers in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 is scheduled to release on Aug. 20, 2021.

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