New VALORANT Titanmail Weapon Skins Bundle Revealed

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The next VALORANT weapon skin bundle is coming this week, and it looks like the next one is going to be Medieval-themed!

The Titanmail VALORANT bundle has been revealed, and it features weapon skins with cool metal armor aethetics that are similar to the Reaver weapon skins but with a sharper and shinier design. It looks like the Titanmail bundle will be replacing the RGX 11z Pro 2 bundle in the VALORANT store.

The Titanmail Bundle will include the following weapon skins:

1: Titanmail Frenzy
2: Titanmail Bucky
3: Titanmail Ares
4: Titanmail Vandal
5: Titanmail Melee/Mace

Here's a look at the Titanmail mace melee weapon:

These new VALORANT weapon skins look pretty badass, and if you're a fan of Medieval fantasy, you'd probably have no second thoughts buying this bundle, and if you're looking to get free Valorant Points, check out our guide on how to get free VPs here.

Just like previous weapon skins with special animations and effects, it looks like the Titanmail weapon skins will be upgradeable, so you will need Radianite Points (RP) to fully upgrade them. It looks like these weapon skins will have color variants that can be acquired by upgrading, and as you can see in the leaked image, the default color is neon green.

The VALORANT TItanmail bundle is set to release in the in the game's store on Wednesday, May 11, and it will likely cost you more than 5,000 VP to purchase the entire bundle. Of course, players will be able to purchase each weapon skin individually.

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This new weapon skin bundle will be available for a limited time, but if you're looking for better deals, the next Night Market is also set to arrive soon. You can check the date here.


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