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VALORANT New RGX 11z Pro Weapon Skin Bundle Comes With Katana & Kill Counter

Riot Games will soon release VALORANT's new RGX 11z Pro bundle, inspired by "high-end gaming hardware," featuring spinning mechanical components and LED lights. The new weapon skin collection also introduces the game's first Katana and kill counter.

Valorant RGX Bundle
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Credit: Riot Games

Most players love the unique aesthetic of gaming hardware consisting of LED lights and mechanical components often seen on display, and the new RGX bundle is the perfect collection if they want to have the same experience in-game.

The RGX Pro Bundle comes with new skins for the Frenzy, Stinger, Guardian, Vandal, and the brand new Katana melee. Players can use Radianite Points (RP) to upgrade each weapon five times, and the first four levels add new VFX and animations. The fifth level adds a new kill counter to the rear of each weapon, tracking how many kills a player scores in a round. The tracker resets each round, so don't expect it to count the total lifetime number of kills with a weapon. Players can also unlock a unique new finisher by upgrading their weapons.

The RGX skin line comes in four different colorways: green, blue, yellow, and red. All versions have the same design, with the colorway visible throughout the weapon over a translucent layer showing the inner components of each gun, and inspecting the weapon changes the color of the lights.

The new Katana melee starts as a futuristic dagger with same design as the gun skins, and if you upgrade to level two, the knife extends into a katana when you equip the melee, resuliting in a cool futuristic sword.

The RGX bundle also comes with reactive gun buddies that react when firing each gun, and new wall hit decals with the same accent LED color you have equipped.

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Riot hasn't confirmed the price of the RGX bundle yet but according to leaks, it will cost players 8,700 VP for the bundle alone. Of course, you will need Radianite Points if you want to upgrade each weapon skin.

The RGX weapon skin bundle will hit the VALORANT store on Wed. Oct. 6.

Valorant Source on Twitter is doing a giveaway of the RGX Pro bundle.

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