Valorant is Being Tested For Console Release

Riot Games finally launched Valorant earlier this week, and the free-to-play tactial first-person shooter (FPS) that combines elements of Counter-Strike and Overwatch has hyped fans worldwide, but many non-PC gamers want to get their hands on the game that's currenly only available for the PC. However, console players should not lose hope because according to Valorant Executive Producer Anna Donlon, a prototype of the game is currently being tested.

The news comes from GameSpot, who recently interviewed Dorion, who said that there are "developers on the team who are 'very excited' to prove the game's potential on console, but it will only happen if it doesn't compromise the competitive integrity of the game."

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Credit: Riot Games

Many PC shooters like Overwatch made their way to consoles, but some games like the Counter-Strike for Xbox failed to match the quality of their PC versions. If Valorant will eventually make it to consoles, hopefully it won't diminish the quality of gaming experience its PC version provides.

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