Valkyrie Is More Than A Romantic Interest In Thor: Ragnarok – She’s Thor’s Hero

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Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) might be Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) new leading lady in Taika Waititi's upcoming superhero space buddy movie, Thor: Ragnarok, however the leader of the Valkyrior is more than just a new love interest for the Asgardian God of Thunder.

Speaking with various publications including Coming Soon during a recent set visit, Hemsworth reveals that Thor's introduction to Valkyrie is more than just romance.


"It's like Thor's meeting his hero! And he's absolutely smitten by her and because of her history, and being a Valkyrie and all of that. But she's also this beautiful woman so he's kind of caught off guard. And she can, you know, she could beat the s*** out of him if she wanted. She could also have him if she wanted So I think he hasn't come up against that very often."

This is very different from the relationship Thor had with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Odinson's love interest in the previous Thor film installments.

"It certainly wasn't the case with Jane. There was a whole different affection and love there. So that was another, you know, ‘How can we make that different from the previous one?'

Though Jane's played a large role in Thor's story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her relationship with the Asgardian God of Thunder has more often than not been met with criticism by fans. Hopefully things will change in Thor: Ragnarok.


Thor: Ragnarok premieres November 3, 2017.

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