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Spoiled Fans are Review Bombing The Boys After Amazon Changes Release Model

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Before the season premiere, The Boys Season 2 was getting all the praise from critics, and a lot of people were excited for the show to come back to Amazon Prime Video last weekend. What people weren't expecting though, was that Amazon was changing the release model and with episodes now coming out weekly.

According to ComicBook, this has lead to some fans review-bombing the show as Amazon had originally released all episodes on the day of the premiere. The Boys is apparently now sitting at a 2.5-star rating and 49 percent of the 1400+ reviews were all angry at the show for the same reason—not releasing every episode at once.

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Credit: Amazon Prime Video

We don't know what Amazon's official reason for the weekly release is, but it's likely that they are following suit with Disney+'s The Mandalorian. Though fans were frustrated that Disney didn't drop all the episodes at once, the show had admittedly stayed in the public spotlight for months because of its release format; people were talking about The Mandalorian longer than if the whole season was released all at once.

When you look at full season drops like with Netflix's The Witcher or Stranger Things, excitement for the show would only last for a month at best, with everyone moving on to something else after having binged the whole show.

Admittedly I would prefer if we got the whole thing on the first day, but it is kind of a balm that Amazon would release three episodes instead of just one. This way, fans can properly ‘ration' how they view the show so they won't be left too starved come the release of the next episode.

For now, you can catch The Boys Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

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