02 Jul 2018 12:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Unused Concept Art for Captain America 2 Shows an Upgrade of Cap's First Avengers Suit

A lot of people really liked Captain America's WWII outfit from The First Avenger, but they didn't really like the spandex version that was introduced in The Avengers.Winter Soldier was supposed to remedy that with a faithful upgrade, but instead we got an Agent of SHIELD look. Now some new concept art has made it online of an upgraded version of the Avengers outfit.

Check it out:

If you look at Cap's suit in The Winter Soldier, you'll know that it's lifted from his look in the Steve Rogers: Super Soldier comic; plain blue with a star and stripes.


Though I would have loved to see this upgraded Avengers suit, I think it's pretty cool that they were able to bring back his outfit from the first movie—albeit it did have some notable changes, particularly the third stripe on Cap's belly.

For now, it looks like Steve Rogers has lost his Captain America mantle in the MCU, but I think he'll see a triumphant return (and a valiant death) in Avengers 4. Everyone is speculating for either Tony Stark or Steve Rogers to die in the next film, but I think it would make more sense for Steve to make the sacrifice. Let Stark live out his days with Pepper and their kid.

Avengers 4 is set to come out May 3, 2019.

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