Unpopular Star Wars Opinion Prefers The Force Awakens Over A New Hope

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The Star Wars universe is definitely among the most celebrated properties in all of entertainment but it's hard to overlook the fact that it's also one of the most divisive franchises in existence and the last five years alone has solidified that. Of course, fans have their fair share of "unpopular" opinions that will certainly get them in trouble within the fandom and one Twitter user has successfully sparked a massive debate on social media following his "controversial" remark.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

On Twitter, user Christian Yulenberg started a thread asking fans what Star Wars opinion of theirs could potentially get them ridiculed into oblivion by the entire community. He started the conversation by bravely saying that 2015's The Force Awakens is better than the original Star Wars film A New Hope which pretty much launched the franchise into the stratosphere.

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Some fans believe that Episode VII is a direct copycat of Episode IV and quite frankly, it's hard to ignore the parallels especially if you'll watch both films back-to-back. At the end of the day, it's still all subjective and fans have every right to their own respective opinions but it also can't be denied that showing appreciation for Disney's sequel trilogy is almost sacrilegious to some.

Speaking of the divisive trilogy, rumors have been persistent that Lucasfilm is currently working on a new project that will follow the aftermath of The Rise of Skywalker. The real question is, will it be able to redeem the trilogy and remove the bitter taste it left in the mouths of longtime Star Wars fanatics?

The entire Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.