Unpopular Opinion About Heath Ledger's Joker Sets the Internet Ablaze

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Credit: WB
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It goes without saying that Heath Ledger will forever go down in history as one of the best if not the best Joker actor on the big screen. The late star's involvement in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy may have been brief but it was enough to create a lasting legacy and set the bar incredibly high with many confidently claiming that his performance has yet to be topped.

Credit: WB

However, it appears that some people think his version of Joker hasn't aged all that well, and it's creating "chaos" within the DC fandom. A post on Reddit has set the internet ablaze after user u/boomjosh delivered a "hot take" on Ledger's Academy Award-winning performance as the Clown Prince of Crime.

The user claims that while he loves the late actor's take on the iconic Batman villain, Ledger's tic of licking his lips every time he spoke eventually got old. Naturally, his unpopular opinion sparked discourse on the platform, and unsurprisingly, not a lot of folks agree with his sentiment. Check it out here:

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While Ledger's take on the character was a far cry from the Joker's previous iterations, I think we can all agree that his performance has become somewhat of a standard and his influence is evident on some of the actors that played the role after him.

Since Ledger's passing, we've seen a number of stars take a crack at the character but one can argue that only a select few have come close to replicating or even surpassing his performance. One actor that comes to mind is Joaquin Phoenix who gave an interesting twist to the character.

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