Universal Reportedly Developing A Star Trek Theme Park To Compete With Star Wars: Galaxy Edge

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It looks like the rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek is making its way to Disney and Universal's theme parks.

Universal Studios might also be planning to develop a Star Trek-themed land for the park that they're rumored to build in Orlando, Florida. According to Disney and More, Universal is trying to fast-track a Star Trek Land so that it can compete with Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's edge.

Unsurprisingly, the rumor managed to make its way online a few days after Disney announced the official name of its Star Wars-themed resort and the official opening dates and locations of Star Wars: Galaxy's edge. If the reports are true, then Galaxy's Edge would have some competition from Star Wars long-time rival.


Though Star Trek fans ought to take the report with a grain of salt as they should any rumor, word of a Star Trek theme park has been running around for years. There's also the fact that Universal Studios just recently bought a large piece of land in Orlando, adding a bit of credibility to the Star Trek theme park.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Universal worked on having a Star Trek-themed attraction. Back in the late 80's, the studio had a live-action stage show called Star Trek Adventures. In 2008, Las Vegas became home to a Star Trek exhibit at the Las Vegas Hilton called Star Trek: The Experience. Hopefully, this new report about a Star Trek theme park for Universal proves to be true.

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