Uncharted’s Shortlist For Sully Role Includes Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson And Others

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The live-action adaptation of Uncharted is coming along pretty well, and now the film has moved on to casting. The project's director, Dan Trachtenberg, is currently looking for actors to play the part of Nathan Drake's mentor, Victor "Sully" Sullivan, and new reports say that he's already created a shortlist for the role.

According to the Hashtag Show, Sony has already been whittling down its list of candidates for the role of Sully, listing down at least four actors for the part. Looking for actors between the ages of 40 and 49, the studio is currently looking at casting major names in the industry. This includes Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World star Chris Hemsworth; The Wolf of Wallstreet and Interstellar actor Matthew McConaughey; Wonder Woman and Star Trek's Chris Pine; and Solo: A Star Wars story's Woody Harrelson.

While this list is stellar in every way, fans might be disappointed to see that Sony dismissed Bryan Cranston for the role. Many believed the Breaking Bad actor would have been a perfect mentor, though having someone like McConaughey or Harrelson wouldn't be as bad either.

Still, it makes a lot of sense for Sony to look for a younger version of Sully. After all, Uncharted is going to feature a younger version of Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland.

Here's Sony's description of Sully:

"Rugged and handsome, equal parts refinement and contagious charm, Sully is the kind of guy who turns heads when he walks into the room. Sully is a highly skilled career criminal – he knows how to read a room quickly and impressively, and nothing gets past him. He becomes Nate's mentor and teaches him everything he knows, helping mold him from a small-time pickpocket into a skilled thief. Sully has a fun banter with Nate, and though at moments he feels like a father figure to him, in truth he is self-interested above all else. Sully does care for Nate, and goes against his instincts to save him in the end."

Hopefully, Sony will be able to name its Sully soon.

Uncharted has yet to receive a release date but we'll update everyone as soon as we get word.

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