05 Jan 2017 11:19 AM +00:00 UTC

Ultimate Spider-Man Series Finale Teased in Featurette

Disney XD’s run for Ultimate Spider-Man is almost at its end. However, those four seasons are not in vain given how Marvel has angled this particular animated series.

With a new and more focused Spider-Man animated series coming, the finale is basically the last hurrah for Spider-Man as part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. training team alongside other superheroes from the Marvel universe, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and White Tiger.

To commemorate the four-year run of Ultimate Spider-man the animated series, Marvel has release a featurette to showcase what has happened along the way. According to co-executive producer Cort Lane, the idea behind Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man was to go for a different way in narrating the web-slinger’s story.

“There have been so many Spider-Man series. A lot of them were very good, so we had to do something really unique and really different.”

One way that Ultimate Spider-Man did this is to take the different sagas in the universe and play with it. We also get to hear a few words from Spider-Man voice actor Drake Bell, who shares just how excited he is as both a comic book reader and a fan.




Interspersed with the cast and crew interview are sneak peeks of what’s to come, and that is Doctor Octopus bent on wreaking havoc in New York. There’s also a hint of the Superior Sinister Six, so that two-part finale is really something to stay tuned to.

Ultimate Spider-Man will have a two-part finale, the first of which will air on Jan. 7. 

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