Ubisoft Teases Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Game

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Far Cry has to be one of Ubisoft's bigger franchises, with several successful games and only playing second fiddle to Assassin's Creed, the company's main cash cow. The most recent game, Far Cry 5, was able to garner a number of positive reviews, despite the fact that it didn't really change much of the gameplay. Surprisingly enough, Ubisoft is teasing a brand-new Far Cry game for The Game Awards and they even released a short trailer for it.

This new Far Cry game doesn't have a number or subtitle, though that will likely be revealed during The Game Awards. These games have had several different themes, so it's only a bit surprising to know that this installment in the franchise will now have a post-apocalyptic setting.

Because of the setting, many gamers are comparing this new title to a Fallout game. Since Fallout 76 currently isn't doing well, this new title might get a lot of attention from fans of the Bethesda series. At the least, it will get fans talking about Ubisoft's latest open-world game, which seems to be the only genre the company can work on right now.

While the setting indicates a new game, some are thinking that this could be a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, which ends with a nuclear weapon going off and most of America exploding. We only have to wait a day before finding out what this game is about.

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