Twitter Suspends Gamer for Threatening to Kill Sean Hitman 2

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After the first Hitman game impressed everyone, gamers were more than stocked when Hitman 2 was revealed. Fans were also given extra incentive when Sean Bean was announced as an elusive target, which means that players only have one chance to kill him or he's gone forever. Many considered this a fun joke since Bean is known for always dying in his movie roles, so everyone is excited to "kill" him.

Turns out that context is needed when tweeting about this since a gamer was suspended from Twitter after claiming that he was "killing Sean Bean tonight." In fairness to Twitter, there was no reference to Hitman 2 in the tweet so the gamer was technically breaking some of the site's rules. Still, they could have been more aware of the game's announcements.

Fans were relieved to know that the gamer was soon reinstated and is free to post on Twitter. Whether it was due to the media coverage or the lengthy email they probably got, it looks like they realized their mistake. Just remember kids: next time you tweet about killing someone in a video game, mention its title somewhere; whether it's a hashtag or a simple reference, do it.

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Hitman 2, like the title suggests, is a sequel to the last game that got very good reviews. Fans can purchase it today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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