Twitch is FINALLY Banning Streamers With Sexual Abuse Allegations

In a move worthy of applause, Twitch has decided to ban a number of streamers accused of sexual abuse, a number of whom have essentially confirmed the allegations to be true. The news was shocking to a number of people and seeing a company like this react swiftly is an impressive accomplishment. Normally, we would be all "everyone's innocent until proven guilty," but considering how a number of these accused streamers confirmed the allegations, there's no need for that.

Kotaku confirmed that streamers like IamSp00n, WarwitchTV, and more were banned from the service. A number of these streamers have also posted their apologies publicly, with IamSp00n telling Kotaku that he will probably never return to this industry after confessing. This is a pretty big victory for anyone who has been hurt by these people, though it's just unfortunate that these incidents happened to begin with.

Some of the victims told Kotaku that they were relieved when Twitch released their statement about banning these controversial streamers. It has to be an amazing feeling since so many victims choose not to come out due to the shame and questioning that comes from this. We're pretty happy to see Twitch stand with these victims so here's hoping people learn from this and be better.

Honestly, this is a lot to take in. Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms have been criticized for not removing people like these from their positions earlier when other streamers were accused. To play devil's advocate, some of these streamers did defend themselves and we're going to assume that Twitch had to wait it out to avoid complications. It's good to know things can change.

Be good to each other everyone.

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