Twenty-Five Twenty-One Release Date, Spoilers & Cast: Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk To Join WJSN Bona In Upcoming Kdrama

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Credit: tvN

Yes, you read it right! The upcoming tvN Kdrama Twenty-Five Twenty-One has confirmed its main cast which will be lead by Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, WJSN Bona, Choi Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Myung. Twenty-Five Twenty-One is also reported to have started its filming.

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Twenty-Five Twenty-One Plot And Storyline

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a refreshing romance about two people who first met when they were 22 and 18. Their love story continues four years later when they are 25 and 21. The series will depict the youthful story of two people who mature through time as well as the chemistry of five young souls who share the excitement of romance and friendship.


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Main Cast

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Credit: tvN

Twenty-Five Twenty-One will be spearheaded by actress Kim Tae Ri. The Mr. Sunshine star will portray the character of Na Hee Do, a young woman who becomes a professional sabre fencer of the national fencing team after many twists and turns during her high school team's disbandment due to the IMF financial crisis that struck South Korea.


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Na Hee Do is a bold character who does not know how to give up and is united with passion and a strong spirit. Kim Tae Ri is expected to give off an irreplaceable presence with her solid acting skills and will further bring forth a heartwarming sympathy as Na Hee Do who continues to sprint towards her dream.

Nam Joo Hyuk will play Baek Yi Jin. He is a newspaper delivery boy who also works part-time at a book rental store to maintain his livelihood. Baek Yi Jin becomes a reporter after living a tough life as the eldest son of a family that has been shattered by the IMF crisis. Nam Joo Hyuk's character is described as a fallen young master who now works part-time jobs. Lee Sung Kyung's ex-boyfriend is expected to display his excellent acting range as he portrays the character of Baek Yi Jin.

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WJSN member Bona will also take on a role in the forthcoming series. Bona will breathe life to the character of Go Yoo Rim, the youngest fencing gold medalist. Go Yoo Rim will become the rival of Na Hee Do during the peak of her career. She is a cute and lovely character who will also boost her charisma as a fencer.

Choi Hyun Wook will act as Moon Ji Woong, a social media star who has his own distinct fashion sense. He has a unique personality and aims to receive the badge as a Today's Member on Cyworld, South Korea's top social media network during the early 2000s.

Finally, Lee Joo Myung will play the role of Ji Seung Wan, the top student in the school and a born-to-be leader. Despite being on top of her class, Ji Seung Wan has a rebellious side.

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Twenty-Five Twenty-One Release Date

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Credit: Starship Entertainment

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is scheduled to premiere sometime in the first half of 2022. Twenty-Five Twenty-One is directed by Jung Ji Hyun, who also worked in the popular Kdramas Search: WWW, The King: Eternal Monarch, and You Are My Spring. The series will be written by Kwon Do Eun, who also worked with director Jung Ji Hyun in Search: WWW.

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