Twenty Five Twenty One Actress Kim Tae Ri Shares How It Feels Working With WJSN Bona

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Twenty Five Twenty One was indeed another successful Kdrama from Kim Tae Ri as it received huge attention not only in South Korea but also globally.

The tvN Kdrama premiered on February 12 and ended on April 3 with 16 episodes. After spending seven weeks in a row as the top Kdrama, Twenty Five Twenty One even landed 18th place on the highest-rated Kdramas in cable television history.

Spearheaded by Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk, Twenty Five Twenty One is a refreshing romance drama that tells the story of two young hearts who met when they were 22 and 18 and fell in love with each other until they were 25 and 21.

Aside from the two main leads, Twenty Five Twenty One also stars WJSN Bona as Go Yu-rim, a fencing gold medalist who has a special connection with Kim Tae Ri’s character as Na Hee-do.

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Kim Tae Ri Shares How It Feels Working With WJSN Bona On Twenty Five Twenty One

Because of their roles as fencing athletes, Kim Tae Ri and Bona had spent a lot of time filming together. The two actresses also underwent fencing training before the filming began.

“We had a lot of time to work together as Hee-do and Yu-rim. We learned to fence and played a lot of matches together and meet each other more often as our characters work in the same field.”

Tae Ri also mentioned how she felt comfortable talking to Bona when the filming started because they already had a lot of conversations and she even learned what kind of person she was.

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Kim Tae Ri Describes How She Learned To Fence For Twenty Five Twenty One

The realistic and professional fencing performances of Hee-do and Yu-rim became a huge topic in the online community. They even had fencing athletes approve of their hard work and dedication to make the scenes closer to what happens in fencing matches.

Tae Ri shared that she started fencing lessons right after her casting for Twenty Five Twenty One was confirmed. She gave her full attention and determination to practice fencing, realizing how exhausting the sport was.

“I thought fencing was not very physically tiring, but my body hurt a lot while training. I belatedly realized that I shouldn’t have poured all my energy into fencing and should have left some for the filming.” Tae Ri confessed.

She also mentioned spending about two hours a day practicing fencing so she could present a flawless act for the series.

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Meanwhile, Twenty Five Twenty One ended successfully with a nationwide viewership rating of 11.513%, the series’s highest since its premiere.

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