Turns Out Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Only Have 8 Gyms Like Most Games

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Pokemon Sword and Shield shocked fans when it was announced that there would be 18 gyms but it turns out that was poorly revealed. While there are technically 18 gyms, fans only need to complete the eight major ones, just like most Pokemon games. However, there is also a really neat function to these since major and minor Pokemon gyms will change depending on the versions bought.

This is why Pokemon Sword gets second-best waifu Bea while Pokemon Shield gets good boi and possible Shy Guy from Super Mario, Allister. Obviously, this is why the developers make two games and it seems like version-exclusive Pokemon won't be enough this time, at least for hardcore fans who are mad about the National Pokedex fiasco.

Here's what Pokemon Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori told Game Informer (via Siliconera) about the 18 gyms:

From an actual gameplay and experience perspective, there will be certain gym leaders that will be different depending on which version you've played. In terms of the setting itself, the background to the story is there's like this Japanese-style J-1 and J-2, like minor league and major league kind of concept. There are 18 different types of gyms in the story, and depending on the version, which gyms are in the minor league and which gyms are in the major league are different. For example, in Sword, the fighting-type gym will be in the major league, but in Shield, the ghost type. The idea is that every year, the Galar region is playing and which gyms make it into the minor league versus the major league changes. Of course, as always, there's a difference in the kinds of Pokémon you can encounter.

While disappointing, the fact that there are 18 gyms, 10 of which seem to be optional, gives fans a lot of time to play these two games. Add the new Dynamax option and upcoming Raid Battles that will test players, these should be some lengthy Pokemon games for players to enjoy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are slated for release on November 15.

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