Trolls World Tour Rivals Avengers: Endgame with Record-Breaking Digital Release

Trolls World Tour may have been robbed of its theatrical debut, but it has now made records since its debut last weekend.

According to Deadline, Trolls World Tour could be Universal's largest opening for digital rental as it has earned 10 times that of the studio's previous highest-grossing, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom—which sources say earned $2–3 million.

Though we don't have a solid number yet, that means Trolls World Tour could have earned something close to $30 million—which is what Avengers: Endgame made when it released digitally for its first week. Who knew that Princess Poppy could ever go toe to toe with Thanos?

It's also worth noting that TWT is also the no. 1 title across multiple on-demand platforms from FandangoNOW to Amazon, so it's getting a lot of buzz. Of course, it still didn't get a theatrical release so I guess its victory over Avengers is kind of oddly specific and situational because of the Coronavirus.

Either way, I thought the film was a solid follow-up to the first one. I didn't really get the hype with Troll at first, but after watching the film, I realized it was a visually captivating world with a solid soundtrack. The sequel delivers more of the same, plus we get some solid character development.

If you haven't caught it already, Trolls World Tour is now available on digital.

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