15 Feb 2016 3:05 PM +00:00 UTC

Trend Shows Major Character Deaths in The Walking Dead Raise Viewership

When a major character dies in AMC's The Walking Dead, ratings tend to go up, according to a new infographic released by Forbes. There's one exception that didn't follow this trend: Tyreese's death last year.

As you can see in the graphic above, the deaths of characters like Shane, Sophia, Amy Dale, Lori, T-Dog, Merle, Hershel, Andrea, Beth, and The Governor led to raise the ratings of the following episode, and that's probably because more fans tend to watch the show after hearing a huge buzz about the characters' deaths in social media and fan sites.

The fact that Tyreese's death happened in the midseason premiere could explain the lack of viewership as the episode was already up from the usual ratings. As Beth's saga came close to concluding, numbers were climing, but once that story was done, Beth's fans must have taken a break en masse as they petitioned for her return.

Do you think this trend will continue for the major characters deaths in the future episodes?