TREASURE Has Yet To Return And Fans Are Getting Frustrated

TREASURE is one of the all-male K-pop acts that debuted in 2020. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the rookie group has met success with their music releases.

In that year alone, the idols dropped three albums. They consequently made a comeback last January with their first full-length music collection, The First Step: Treasure Effect.

Many seemingly expected another comeback in the last few months of 2021. But, the K-pop group has yet to return to the scene with a new music release.

This has since caused frustrations among fans, according to Koreaboo.

Frustrations Over Unknown Comeback

On Reddit, TREASURE fans started discussions about the group’s return. Many of them shared their sentiments on the platform, venting about the “lack of content.”

Although comeback rumors and speculations have remained apparent, none have come through. Accordingly, some seemingly believe that the K-pop group may not likely release new music until next year.

The publication pointed out, however, that multiple members of the 12-piece act contracted COVID-19. While it somehow explains the situation, it reportedly “seems odd” for the group to have gone almost a year without a comeback.

Fans Blame YG Entertainment

Fans ultimately blame the group’s label, YG Entertainment. As claimed, the agency has had a track record of doing this “kind of treatment” toward their artists.

The report, then, cited BLACKPINK and WINNER as some of the examples. These K-pop groups repeatedly took more than a year to release new music productions.

TREASURE Previously Hinting A Potential Return

TREASURE may have yet to release new music but, they just had their first live fanmeet and offline concert last October. YG Entertainment hosted the event, titled TEU-DAY, at Olympic Hall in Seoul, with the livestream available via VenewLive.

It was a massive success, considering all the strict measures the audience had to observe. Fans even prepared a surprise video message for the members, bringing tears to the group.

At the near end of the engagement, the members of TREASURE seemingly hinted that they are preparing for a comeback. They also teased that their return will entail a “handsome side” of them.

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