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Transgender Artist Releases Manga Inspired by His School Life

Rino Tachibana, Haikei Seken-sama main character

Over the years, we have seen releases of manga series that feature LGBT stories and themes. The latest among them is Haikei, Seken-sama, a new transgender manga by artist and author, Shin Kanzaki.

This new manga series is based on the past experiences of author Kanzaki as a transgender man.

About the Haikei, Seken-sama Manga

Haikei, Seken-sama Manga Cover with main character Rino Tachibana
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Haikei, Seken-sama Manga Cover

Haikei, Seken-sama follows Rino Tachibana, a student in an all-girls high school. Rino’s school life is a typical one as he enjoys talking with female friends and does what he can when it comes to schoolwork.

From the outside, Rino is an “ordinary” girl, except for a “feeling of strangeness” within his body that he just can’t shake off. This is compounded by the fact that he is a student at a time when there is a stronger pressure to conform.

The story of Rino is based on the high school life of the author, Shin Kanzaki. In an interview published in a press release, Kanzaki mentioned that he wrote the manga to share his experience with fellow female-to-male trans men, though he also hopes that the story will resonate with everyone as it also tackles other topics aside from LGBT.

The first two chapters of this new manga were released on Kurage Bunch and it will continue its serialization on the site.

LGBT Manga

LGBT representation in manga isn’t limited to BL as, over the years, there have been lots of series that feature LGBT themes. One such series is I Think Our Son is Gay, a manga written by Okura and published by Square Enix. The series started its run in August 2019 on Gangan Pixiv.

In its story, the series follows Tomoko Aoyama, the mother of two high school boys, Hiroki and Yuri. Hiroki is secretly gay but is embarrassed to come out. Though Tomoko already knows about his son’s sexuality and is subtly supportive.

Another LGBT manga is My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, a manga that was published by East Press in Japan and Seven Seas Entertainment in North America.

Written by Nagata Kabi, the manga features an autobiographical story that explores topics such as sexuality and mental health.

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