Torche Reveals First Magic: The Gathering Artifact Card From Kaldheim

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Wizards of the Coast has partnered with seven heavy metal bands to give us a sneak peek of the upcoming Norse mythology-inspired Magic: The Gathering set, Kaldheimthis week. We've already seen the four MDFC lands from the Mastodon band, and the new Saga card from Angra. Now, Torche has revealed the first Artifact card from Kaldheim, and it's called Pyre of Heroes.

Check out Pyre of Heroes:

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Pyre of Heroes is similar to Birthing Pod from the New Phyrexia set, except that you can only choose a creature that shares a creature type with the sacrificed creature. It's not a bad drawback for a two-mana colorless card. Players love toolbox-style strategies that bring out creatures from the library into play, so it's not surprising to see another Artifact card that can do that. This will most likely see play in tribal Standard decks, and we know that Kaldheim will feature new elves, including the new planeswalker elf, Tyvar Kell.

Four more bands will be revealing Kaldheim previews on Dec 16, so look forward to finding out those new cards tomorrow.

Kaldheim is set to release on February 5, 2021 for tabletop, and Jan. 28 on Magic Arena and Magic Online. Check out where to find all the Kaldheim previews here.